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Our Approach

Industrial/Organizational Psychology & Social Psychology

business solutions conceptFellows Corporate Consortium, LLC (FCC) utilizes Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Social Psychology strategies to help client corporations maximize their human assets by: (a) focusing on people and performance; (b) selection; (c) training, retention, and development; and (d) putting new strategies in place to ensure and improve organizational performance. Organizations must create effective systems change in its corporate systems through strategic movements of organizational systems from vertical structures to horizontal, fluid, and circular systems accompanied with high levels of accountability and congruity, expand the knowledge base for decision making, structure development, environmental management, and human interaction strategies to change organizational functioning to a thinking practice focused on systems development by evaluating degrees to which the alignment between people and organizational systems exist.

This field focuses on the theoretical and practical issues of the human condition and the application of human conditions, values, beliefs, attitudes, and strategies to the systemic issues of organizations. Particular attention is focused on the congruity issues of people and organizational systems. Attention is given in this process of inquiry to the issues of systems change, holistic change, transformation, development, change creation and change implementation. Key to this study is the exploration of cultural and cross-cultural issues embedded in organizational life and how those lives impact the ability of the organization to make critical changes for its “life cycle”. In essence, client organizations must experience alignment with their expressed policies and procedures in order to achieve maximum bottom-line benefits, and turning points in their managers and employees lives.

Social Psychology

Fellows Corporate Consortium, LLC (FCC) utilizes Social Psychology, also known as Psychological Sociology. Social Psychology strategies are utilized because this field focuses on contextual issues of organizational life that are influenced not only by psychological processes but by cultural and sociological developments of the human condition. Client organizations benefit from strategies centering on social conditions that affect employees among all levels based on issues concerning group dynamics, socialization, social identity, and social change.

Organizational Behavior

Fellows Corporate Consortium, LLC (FCC) utilizes Organizational Behavior strategies to help our client organizations move forward sustainably. O.B. is a field of study critically examining issues centering on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ageism and cultural inclusion dynamics that often are the areas of “blind spots within organizations” couched in terms of diversity with little understanding of the impacts of the issues on people and organizational development. Client organizations must evaluate their stance of the hiring and promoting women, specifically women of color to executive ranks in order to remain competitive.

Men rise higher than women in the ranks of virtually every business, government, and profession. Men are over-represented in executive suites and corporate boardrooms, in national offices of government, on the bench of the judiciary, at the dais of Nobel Prize ceremonies, in military honors, in museums, and art galleries, and in the world’s finest kitchens. Men are even over-represented at the highest reaches of professions dominated by women – such as social work and nursing.

Many women report that their contributions in the workplace are not fairly recognized by men. Some report feeling almost invisible. Some women report they are blocked from advancement by a “glass ceiling” or “concrete ceiling” that tempts them with prized positions they cannot win.

Organizational Development

Fellows Corporate Consortium, LLC (FCC) utilizes Organizational Development (O.D.), strategies to help our client organizations maximize their human assets. O.D. is the field of study and practice that focuses on various aspects of organizational life, aspects that include culture, values, systems, and behavior assists client organizations in their change and transformation process. The goal of O.D. is to increase organizational effectiveness and organizational health, through planned interventions in the organization’s processes or operations. Organizational Development is the application of behavioral scientific principles and methods to increase an organization's effectiveness. This field of study utilizes the social sciences to examine both the social and mechanical systems within an organization. It involves the exploration of (a) work processes, (b) communication styles, and (c) reward system of an organization’s culture. The organization’s overall productivity is improved by helping employees achieve their maximum potential. Organizational Development becomes imperative when client organizations (or unit(s) within the organizations) are undergoing a process of change. Issues examined within the field are those issues that embrace areas of structure, process, decision making, people behavior, team development, change management, process improvement and process re-engineering, 360-degree feedback processes, coaching, and counseling. These areas are essential to the balancing of the psychological issues of the organization.

Human Resource Management

Fellows Corporate Consortium, LLC (FCC) helps our client organizations realize and understand the importance of possessing and sustaining a competitive advantage. What is acknowledged today is that a significant source of their competitive edge often comes from possessing an effective system for obtaining, mobilizing, and managing the organization’s human assets. Recent developments such as changes in demographics centering on the labor force, heightened global competition, rapid technological change, decreased labor markets in many sectors, changing organizational structures, and public policy attention to workforce issues are making human resource management (HRM) increasingly important for senior executives.

Our Human Resource Management strategies allow client organizations to systematically and strategically manage the organization’s most prized possessions, human assets, and critically examines and implements policies and procedures to achieve competitive advantage through people.

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